Decades of San Cicaro

There are holes in San Cicaro’s history. Holes wide enough to sink an aircraft carrier through. Holes hiding tales of tragedy, of deals in the dark and the schemes of so-called spirits. Events too strange and inexplicable even for a city with such a supernatural, bohemian reputation to remember. These are the gaps intrepid reporter Olivia Murphy has been tasked to fill, toiling beneath the city’s library, seeking documents almost lost.

Amidst this trove of moldering papers and microfiche, Olivia finds herself drawn once more into the sun-baked strangeness of her home city, and the questions that inevitably arise. Who was the oldest man in the San Cicaro Sanitorium? What dread misfortune befell the USS Fairweather, killed in its crib at the height of World War II? Did a fifties suburb play host to visitors from beyond the stars? And just what are those distant dark strangers, watching events unfold? Harbingers of doom, or chroniclers of fate? And just how will these events divine the end of San Cicaro itself?

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Beasts of San Cicaro

No city in the world has more strange sightings and unexplained mysteries per capita than San Cicaro. So when cub reporter Olivia Murphy strolls into her first official interview, even she knows better than to jump at every wild rumor.

Yet her unlikely source opens a Pandora’s box of leads, many of which tie into a greater mystery. What do bees and a rash of disappearances at the zoo have in common? Are there parallels between uncanny pigeons and a fiery pet salamander? Could there be a connection between the myths of feral dogs and an entire city block gone mad? And just who are the Sisters of the Seasons?

Despite Olivia’s skepticism, cracks are spreading in the enigma of San Cicaro. The secrets have begun to unravel, for better or worse. For while humans may lie for fear of being labeled insane, Mother Nature plays no such games.

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Beasts of San Cicaro
The San Cicaro Experience

The San Cicaro Experience

Embark on a journey back to San Cicaro, the jewel of the Californian coast. Walk the streets, take in the sights, let your time in the city carry you far from your troubles. There is wonder and mystery to be found in plain view and hidden in the dark corners, just waiting to be unearthed. But be careful how closely you look, for what you find may change you forever.

This anthology features eight tales that offer delight and horror in equal measure. Not all that walk the streets of the golden city are who, or even what, they appear to be. You may find that your memories are not as certain as you believed, and what lurks behind a stranger’s smile could be something you would never have imagined. Read of the experiences of a lifetime… or quite possibly the end of one.

Come enjoy the San Cicaro experience once more, and partake everything it has to offer. You’ll never want to leave… and the city may not let you. Includes stories by Kelli Springer, Ali Habashi, Georgina Jeffery, Damir Salkovic, Ian A. Keating, Tonya Walter, Anastasia Kirchoff, and A.R. Aston.

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Welcome to San Cicaro

On the golden coast of California lies San Cicaro, a mecca for the misbegotten, a beacon for the strange. Rumors of the bizarre and the miraculous abound, magic baked into the very streets by the scorching sun. There’s wonder and horror aplenty to be found by visitors fearless enough to brave a journey.

This anthology comprises nine tales, which delve deep into this magical city. From the horrifying to the hilarious, from the city parks to the neighborhoods, sirens and suckling monsters, enchanted ice cream, rebellious fairgrounds and bodysnatching ghouls, there is sure to be something to catch your eye. Or even your soul.

Welcome to San Cicaro.

Includes stories by Ichabod Ebenezer, Evan Purcell, Jonathan Ward, Jenn Cavanaugh, Eric Stoveken, Leora Spitzer, JC Hemphill, Larry Kay, and Ian Ableson.

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Outliers: 2016

Volume 1

We’re losing control. Director Zimmerman won’t admit it of course, but the projections are bad news in all directions. Outliers, men and women of extraordinary talents, are exploding in numbers across the globe thanks to the new drug “Illumination.” We think the clandestine group “Legion” is responsible for spreading the substance, but not for producing it. And they’re not the only ones on the move, as others are playing in the shadows. AURA has begun operating in other countries, and our network is growing to match that of the CIA. But I can’t shake my gut feeling that we’re making a mistake, that we’re spread too thin to see what’s really coming. The future is a jigsaw puzzle that we try to rearrange into something pleasing, but the image it’s taking is horrible…
—Dr C. Reynolds, PhD

Out of print, no longer available.

Outliers: The Shape of Things to Come

Primer 1

Curious about the world of Outliers? Try our free primer! Collected within are four short stories, character profiles, reports and documents from the perspective of the Agency of Unusual Resource Acquisitions. Stories include three origin pieces first published in Emby Press’ The Good Fight, plus a new story by Jonathan Ward!

Tales include:
For a Fistful of Diamonds by A.R. Aston
FUBAR by Jonathan Ward
The Falcon by Jonathan Ward
The Beast in the Beauty by James Fadeley
With artwork by Manuel Mesones!

Out of print, no longer available.

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The Gift of Hadrborg

by James Fadeley

In the troubled city of Strand, the City Watch and Governor’s Guard struggle to fend off the criminal empires who rule their streets. Between the corruption, smuggling, underground slaving, mass larceny and a rebellious group attempting to usurp the throne, Guardsman Eirik’s life shows no signs of getting any easier.

Yet the arrival of group seeking a stolen artifact heralds a coming disaster for the already rotten city. Uncertain if he can trust his own people, Eirik has little choice but to throw in his lot with two enigmatic varl and a country boy. Toss in a conman seeking vengeance and a slave-turned-bodyguard with an elusive agenda, and Eirik has his work cut out for him.

But even if his questionable allies and the hordes of eager thugs don’t kill him, the plot they discover threatens to rip Strand apart. And may destroy the fragile varl-human alliance that maintains the peace with their giant neighbors in the north…

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