An inevitability when you’re surrounded by creative people is that you’re going to be bouncing around ideas all the time. Most are just for fun and usually forgotten. San Cicaro started the same way. A little idea a few years ago, that we left in the trunk because of how busy we were at the time.

Then we rediscovered it. Somehow, it resurfaced. San Cicaro refused to be denied and we felt compelled to unveil some of the city’s darkest and strangest tales, thus Welcome to San Cicaro was born. Building the marketing campaign was a great time, and we were happy with the overall experience. For us, the job was done.

Little did we know however, San Cicaro wasn’t finished with us. To be frank, we didn’t expect it to draw this much interest but it did—and we had to step up our game.

We needed for San Cicaro to have its own identity...

The trend among self-published authors is to produce photobashed covers, a composite of various images into one. When done right they can look great, as it did for Welcome to San Cicaro‘s original cover. Plus they can certainly be cost-effective if you are using stock images. But put those covers next to each other and they, more often than not, are going to blend in an endless and indistinguishably horizon of collages. Anyone would be hard pressed to maintain their brand’s consistency.

So, after some soul-searching, we found inspiration on the travelling posters of old. The art deco landscapes depicting fabulous destinations mainly travelled by railway. The bold colours and stylish shapes would make a contrast to the dark tales of San Cicaro itself. Hidden in plain sight the bizarre and the miraculous are to be found by visitors fearless enough to brave the journey. A bit of fun amidst the horror.

Come visit San Cicaro, the jewel of the Californian coast, and enjoy everything it has to offer. You’ll never want to leave, and the city may not let you.

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