Last week, critically-acclaimed game developer Stoic jumped into publishing with the release of Banner Saga: Only Bjorulf Knows. Written by James Fadeley, this novella is the first of several upcoming releases in Stoic’s Banner Saga universe. This marks the next step in a deepening partnership between Stoic and Thunderbird Studios, the producers of these new titles.

The ebook version of Only Bjorulf Knows will be available for free at Stoic’s store. A future Banner Saga collection will include the print edition, alongside tales both new and old. To further expand this anthology, Stoic has recently announced a short story submission window aimed at fans, while Thunderbird assists with parsing the slush pile and publication.

While the news marks an expansion of Banner Saga’s lore, it’s worth noting that this is not the last gamers will see of Stoic’s Viking-inspired series. Art Director and founder Arnie Jorgensen has mentioned their plans for expanded content of their existing trilogy.

Watch this space over the coming weeks for more news on these exciting developments.

About Stoic and Banner Saga

Stoic is an independent game developer based out of Austin, Texas, formed in early 2012 by three veteran game developers. Each is dedicated to making great games that are artful, independent and unique. Today, the studio is headed by Arnie Jorgensen and John Watson – both industry vets who are now dedicated to continuing as independent game developers. The Banner Saga™ and The Banner Saga: Factions™ content is used by permission.

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About Thunderbird Studios

Thunderbird is a new publishing company, located in Arlington, Virginia and Todmorden, England. They started as a trio of friends from a fanfiction site who decided to get into the books and comics business. Their first open call anthology, San Cicaro, is due out later this year. Banner Saga works is their first tie-in fiction deal, and they hope to expand works within the indie game field.

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