The wait is over on June 22nd. The San Cicaro Experience is finally here.

Return to America’s strangest city with eight new tales by eight fresh authors. Tour the unusual Wilam Sisters’ Museum with their outlandish displays. Check out the annual Kite Festival for the drinks and colorful aerial displays. Visit the Pacific’s most fascinating and disturbing creatures at the Aquarium and Research Center. And be sure to hit up Missy’s Diner for a bizarre night you’ll never forget.

This release includes the following stories:

  • “Shadow Eater” by Kelli Springer. Family? Vacation? San Cicaro? What could possibly go right?
  • “Wetsuit” by Ali Habashi. The aquarium shows are the stuff of legends.
  • “The Hub” by Georgina Jeffery. Few expected the latest tech startup to make it big. Fewer still expected what happens next.
  • “Idle Capacity” by Damir Salkovic. What do you do when the day job won’t quit you?
  • “San Cicaro-Eleven” by Ian A. Keating. You call it “juking the stats.” I call it “massaging the data to fit.”
  • “The Mischief” by Tonya Walter. Strangers have their secrets… but that goes both ways.
  • “Officer Smiley” by Anastasia Kirchoff. Why do bad things happen to bad people?
  • “Home to Roost” by A. R. Aston. Doug has a serious problem. San Cicaro has a serious solution.

The San Cicaro Experience. Coming June 22nd, from Thunderbird Studios. A huge thanks to Felipe Galvan for the great photo over on Unsplash.