Welcome to San Cicaro!

We’re pleased to announced that Welcome to San Cicaro is finally available in print! The connected anthology of urban fantasy, horror and supernatural stories in the mysterious San Cicaro is on Amazon and SmashWords! For those who prefer, more outlets will be coming soon. And any bookshops interested in obtaining a few copies or arranging signings by local authors should reach out to us.

We’re incredibly proud of our hard work today. The feat of getting Welcome to San Cicaro out the door was no easy task and we’re looking forward to tackling it again before long. What’s more, we’ve been investigating how to take the setting to the next level. But in the mean time…

Another Open Call Soon

We’ve really enjoyed this project. So much so that we want more! Sometime later this year (before November), Thunderbird Studios will be hosting another open call for short stories. The setting will be San Cicaro again, so we encourage writers to obtain a copy to understand what we seek. Many of the earlier submissions didn’t grasp the essence of our vision, but we hope that now those writers have a model to build upon. And references that help authors better connect to the Californian city.

Interested authors should feel free to reach out with questions but please do not submit work. We may also be interested in seeing work by artists making photobashes. You can take a look at our advertising on our Instagram to get a sense of what we’re seeking. Any interested artists should wait until that open call goes out, likely alongside the open call for short stories.

We really hope you enjoy the effort and sweat that went into Welcome to San Cicaro, and can find time to enjoy your visit. Thanks again folks, and happy reading!