The United States is undergoing extraordinary times. Many voices demand action and change, and these speakers need to be heard and understood. Given the importance of their message, Thunderbird Studios opted to hold off on the release of The San Cicaro Experience.

We hope that another tragic situation, like that of George Floyd’s death, never occurs again. As such, Thunderbird is pledging to the following organizations:

A one-time donation to the Small Business Resilience Fund.A one-time donation to Museum Without Walls.A monthly donation to We Need Diverse Books.A monthly donation to the Community Reinvestment Fund.

Our decision to provide monthly donations to some groups, instead of lump sums, is a personal reminder for us. The daily grind often distracts us from seeking needed change, and a one-time donation would be easy to forget. Whenever that happens, history has a terrible tendency to remind us.

Furthermore, our editors would like to recommend a few books by some of their favorite African-American authors:

Black Boy, by Richard Wright. An autobiography that has been banned in the past.Cog, by K. Ceres Wright. A cyberpunk thriller.Notes from a Young Black Chef: A Memoir, by Kwame Onwuachi, about the career of the famous chef.The Fifth Seasonby N.K. Jemisin. The first of the award-winning fantasy trilogy.The Collected Essays of James Baldwin, whose gracious interpretations of the issues of American racism are as pertinent as ever.

Finally, we recommend supporting black authors by taking part in the Black Publishing Power Initiative. Mahogany Books has been recommended as a great business to order from.

No one can comprehend if we do not listen. And without that knowledge, this failure will only happen again. Read, apply what you’re learning, wear your masks and stay safe out there, folks.