Our biggest release yet, Beasts of San Cicaro is available today! Marking a new direction for our urban fantasy series, BoSC tells six unique stories, interwoven over a greater narrative.

No city in the world has more strange sightings and unexplained mysteries per capita than San Cicaro. So when cub reporter Olivia Murphy strolls into her first official interview, even she knows better than to jump at every wild rumor.

Yet her unlikely source opens a Pandora’s box of leads, many of which tie into a greater mystery. What do bees and a rash of disappearances at the zoo have in common? Are there parallels between uncanny pigeons and a fiery pet salamander? Could there be a connection between the myths of feral dogs and an entire city block gone mad? And just who are the Sisters of the Seasons?

Beasts of San Cicaro opens the door to the magic unlike ever before. With several novelettes and our first novella, the city’s mysteries are finally beginning to crack. Discover the life of enchanted bees with “Root and Hive,” or the disturbing secrets of the city’s riots in “At the Mollusks of Madness,” both by A.R. Aston. Sinister truths await in “The Zookeeper” and “The Pigeon Lady” by Jonathan Ward. And enjoy the mischief of “Un Poco de Fuego” while learning how it all ties together in “A Stray’s Tale,” by James Fadeley.

And there’s more. Throughout the month of August, a dollar of every sale goes to an animal welfare nonprofit. So more than just being entertaining, you’ll be helping improve the lives of animals.

So pick up your copy today and help the animals while you’re at it! Beasts of San Cicaro, available now on Amazon and Smashwords.