Who Are We

The Three Amigos

Thunderbird Studios started as three gentlemen who enjoyed organizing short story anthologies on a writing board. When the time came to make the transition to a full business, the name was discussed and considered until James gave up on calling it “Moon Rabbit Books.”

In the end, they settled on naming it after the majestic Thunderbird, and chose to call themselves a studio over a press.

James Fadeley is an author, editor and tech lead for Thunderbird Studios. A resident of Arlington, VA, he can be contacted for all business ventures.

Manuel Mesones is the art director and graphic designer for Thunderbird Studios. Originally from Lima, Peru, he now resides in the United Kingdom with his wife and pets.

Andrew Robert Aston resides in Derby in the United Kingdom. Author and editor, he is a consummate lover of science fiction.


Frequently asked questions

Who are you guys?
We’re Thunderbird Studios, a bunch of crazy cats running a marketing and publishing platform with a focus on fiction.

What formats will you guys be publishing in?
We primarily publishing print and eBooks. We’re also investigating expanding into comics, graphic novels, audio books and similar ventures. We’re a widespread creative shop and always looking for a means to grow.

Do you guys accept submissions?
For fiction, we’re looking to open our third submissions window later this year. We’re not accepting non-fiction at this time because it requires a great deal of editing and graphic design work.