Want to write for Thunderbird Studios?

There are two ways.

First, non-fiction. We’re almost always open to reviews, interviews, op-eds and interesting articles. The minimum is 300 words, but we encourage people to put in more whenever possible. The non-fiction side doesn’t pay, but there are benefits:

  • Twitter and Facebook promotions of your stories and releases, even with other publishers. Working with us gets you a fan for life who will help spread the word of your latest endeavors.
  • Networking and building your name. Aside from credit, writers are encouraged in their biographies (coming soon) to include their personal blogs and websites to help grow their following.
  • Doing reviews doesn’t just spread your name, it’s also market research and good writing practice.
  • Thunderbird Studios will also provide or reimburse you for entertainment you cover, starting with books and movies.
  • And interviews, allowing you to meet and learn from the best in the fields of literature.

Interested? Email to discuss further details before submitting.

As to fiction, we’re currently not publishing, but that will be changing in a few months. We’re currently scrambling to ready our first open submission call. More details will be forthcoming.

For formatting, please use William Shunn’s formatting guidelines. Feel free to leave off your physical address if you feel uncomfortable with it. Rejections will receive personalized feedback.